Working Together

Ceramics continue to inspire us every day, and it is with others – award-winning chefs, industry leaders and global citizens – just as passionate that we continually renew our enthusiasm and desire to innovate.

Partners & Collaborators

The Farrer Park Company
Burnt Ends


Like us, they are believers in the inexhaustible potential of the dining table. Our partners invest their craft with the same energy we do when it comes to discovering the creative possibilities on every plate.

Luzerne creations are beautiful, unique and durable, which is 
no small thing. It suits my approach: sourcing for the best ingredients and then putting them together. When I come up with a dish, I naturally know what Luzerne plate I will serve it on.

- Pepe Moncayo Chef, BAM!

Unlisted Collection’s restaurant and hotel concepts are united by a philosophy to always innovate on new and exciting concepts with partners that are able to do the same. Luzerne suits our group’s requirements for a wide variety of high quality chinaware from Chinese to Spanish and French cuisine, and from fine dining to mid-range restaurants. Luzerne supplies us with good quality, value and modern lifestyle-oriented products – all vital to a contemporary restaurant.

- Loh Lik Peng Owner, Unlisted Collection

Since my first encounter with Luzerne, I have had a great appreciation for the simplicity and elegance of their designs. Luzerne not only respects my recipes, but becomes part of them, showcasing them in a comforting but dynamic way. Becoming familiar with the shapes and consistency of Luzerne ceramics has inspired me in an easy and natural way. It has become part of my ability to care for my customers by delivering ultimate quality in fine Italian dining.

- Gianni Caprioli Director & Founder, Giando, Già Trattoria Italiana and Fishsteria Restaurants


Our collaborators include the National Heritage Board museums including the Singapore Art Museum and Asian Civilisations Museum, and local award-winning artists. We continue to support Singaporean art and culture, excellence in the F&B and hospitality industries, and a passion for the everyday best in homes everywhere.

Singapore Art Series

Luzerne for NHB

We showed our love for contemporary art in a multi-part collaboration with National Heritage Board (NHB) museums, the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), creating a series of ceramic collectables as part of our continued commitment to supporting Singaporean art.

Luzerne for Justin Lee

Detail from Modern General

From an army of terracotta warriors designed by local artist Justin Lee, this provocative work addresses issues of national identity, commercialization and consumerismin Singaporean society.


Luzerne for Elephant Parade Bangkok 2015

As the sponsor of the Elephant Parade Bangkok 2015, Luzerne brought a design from our signature showplate collections, Celtic and Lotus Diva, to life. We debuted Luzernnie, a pachyderm adorned in pearlescent pastel colours and butterflies for a fresh elegance synonymous with Luzerne.