Luzerne x People Table Tales


A private home dining experience in the quaint neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru elevates itself by introducing a fresh perspective to local food. Watch how the owner uses various food processes and techniques to extract a whole new set of flavours to tingle the taste buds. Then find out why Luzerne is the tableware of choice in this very special home business.

Luzerne x Chapter 1


Flip to a new chapter in rustic dining and cuisine driven by the gastronomy of the Mediterranean. Inspired by a philosophy that is product-centric, responsible and community-focused, discover how Luzerne tableware has been carefully chosen to match the ambience and food at this elegant restaurant.

Luzerne x Kubo

A fully wood-fired restaurant running without gas? The owner of this restaurant and Luzerne join hands to create the perfect homely experience while serving up traditional dishes from the Filipino heritage. By giving utmost respect to the ingredients and maximising their potential, Kubo collaborates with Luzerne to give diners a wholesome experience like no other.

Luzerne x Wallich Manor


Indulge in life’s most exquisite pleasures at Wallich Manor where exceptional soirées await with specially curated innovative cocktails and bubbles, tantalising contemporary European cuisine and pulsating beats. We are proud to be part of your dining experience.