Food brings people together. It's at the dining table that we make so many of our best discoveries and memories. This is where the everyday best lives, and Luzerne is here to help you discover it.

Our Heritage

Luzerne is a part of Hiap Huat Holdings, Singapore’s most established ceramics tableware company. Our products are proudly made in Dehua China, birthplace of Blanc de Chine and simultaneously conferred the status of World Porcelain City, World Heritage Site and National Civilised City.

Indigenous kaolin clay from this historical region and are fired at high temperatures to produce a clear translucent texture and a distinctive soft ivory colour. Our over 800 trained artisans ensure the exceptional workmanship of every piece. We believe that high quality, well-designed tableware should be accessible to all.

As the preferred tableware of leading hotels, airlines, dining establishments, guests and homeowners around the world, we believe in helping one and all achieve their everyday best.


Our History


Hiap Huat establishes itself as a trading company importing housewares from primarily China, Japan and Czechoslovakia, growing through export development in nearby regional markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia.


Following its early successes and growing reach, Hiap Huat reorganises as a holding company, and expands into manufacturing and property development.


With the building of Hiap Huat House complete, Group operations become centralised in a single location, from which overseas forays can be conducted with greater efficiency.


Hiap Huat Holdings buys a factory in Dehua, China, and embarks on large-scale tableware manufacturing - a venture that allows it to thrive during the widespread economic recession in Southeast Asia that soon follows.


The hospitality industry in China flowers, and so does the demand for unique, signature pieces. Luzerne rises to the occasion with custom tableware, investing in new, cutting-edge equipment that makes design processes increasingly adaptable.


We raise the bar for ceramics with our brands Luzerne and L by Luzerne. Bridging tradition with new technologies, we produce over 28 million pieces annually. Our passion for creating your Everyday Best drives us to continually manufacture beautiful, lasting, accessible products in over 58 countries globally.

Our Vision: Unity Towards Progress

Our mission is to work with stakeholders to provide Everyday Best experiences that stand the Test of Time and are Responsible to our Community.

Our Core Values

People Development

We groom leaders to grow and guide the business. We empower our leaders to make decisions to execute their tasks to achieve our Shared Vision.


We take pride in all that we do and do what is right to make a difference and achieve our Shared Vision. We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and seize opportunities to make things happen.


We step up and take ownership for our actions. We look for ways to value add to the business.

Customer Satisfaction

We are professionals. We do our best to win the hearts of our internal and external Customers by delivering Everyday Best Experiences.


Our staff, associates and customers are our partners. We work together to achieve success and progress.

Shared Vision

We make decisions based on a long-term perspective that stands the test of time. We are clear of the end in mind.

Our Management Team

Steven Lek

In loving memory of our late Chairman, Hiap Huat Holdings Pte Ltd
Director, Luzerne Pte Ltd

1943 ~ 2021

Steven Lek began his career at the side of his father, Lek Song Cheng, at their family business. His early successes included his bold expansion of the business into manufacturing and property development, and his reorganisation of Hiap Huat Pottery into Hiap Huat Holdings (HHH), of which Luzerne Pte Ltd is a part of. Over the decades, Steven engineered the organisation’s expansion and growth with his astute leadership and keen foresight.


In 2017, he announced that he was relinquishing chairmanship over Luzerne Pte Ltd but continued to guide the Board of HHH as Chairman by steering the Group’s strategic direction. Steven was honoured by formal acknowledgment of his standing as an exemplary businessman and industry pioneer. He was conferred the Public Service Medal by the late President, Mr. S R Nathan, in 2000.

Peter Lek

Managing Director, Hiap Huat Holdings Pte Ltd
Chairman, Luzerne Pte Ltd

Through Peter Lek’s vision, Luzerne navigated challenges and found growth opportunities further afield. From emerging as a market leader with the acquisition of a factory in Dehua, China and its modernisation with new technology, Luzerne entered its next phase under Peter’s guidance.

Following Steven Lek’s retirement from Luzerne Pte Ltd, Peter now assumes full responsibility as Chairman from his predecessor and will continue to spearhead Luzerne’s business while retaining his portfolio as Managing Director of Hiap Huat Holdings (HHH).

A continuation of his drive to automate traditional processes, Peter now oversees factory operations, ensuring that Luzerne operates on world-class factory with renowned OEM capabilities that allow artisans to produce wares preferred by industry professionals the world over.

Stanley Lek

Chairman, Hiap Huat Holdings Pte Ltd
Director, Luzerne Pte Ltd

Stanley Lek brings over 20 years of sales expertise in various B2B enterprises including tableware retail to his role as Director in the sales and marketing of Luzerne brands to China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Since joining Luzerne in 2002, Stanley has successfully built Luzerne’s market share and brand among world-renowned hotels and restaurants in China.

With the passing of our late Chairman, Mr Steven Lek, the management of Hiap Huat Holdings Pte Ltd has been delegated to Stanley as of 9 March 2021.

Selina Tang

Luzerne Pte Ltd

In guiding product research as well as design and development in the international marketing of Luzerne brands, Selina Tang draws on her wealth of experience in the global service industries. Prior to her joining Luzerne in 1998, Selina worked in hospitality and F&B, where she was deeply immersed in the cultures of prominent brands such as Singapore Airlines.

Elaine Lek

Chief Operating Officer, Singapore Operations | Head, Global Brand & Corporate Development
Hiap Huat Holdings Pte Ltd | Luzerne Pte Ltd

Elaine Lek’s extensive branding experience of over 30 years spans a wide spectrum of industries, from luxury to retail to beauty giants like Lord & Taylor, Metro, Tangs, Versace, BCBG Max Azria, FCUK and Dermalogica. The last position she held before joining Luzerne, was at Esthetics International Group (EIG), a listed company where she was Singapore Country Head of EIG Global Pte Ltd as well as General Manager for Regional Marketing.

At Luzerne, Elaine, a third-generation leader is responsible for group strategic planning and marketing, and leads the Global Brand Team. Her focus includes the overseeing of group corporate development by building its internal capabilities for longevity and sustainability. Elaine holds a Master of Science in Business Economics from Ohio University.  On the personal front, she attended boarding school at the prestigious Millfield School in England before relocating to the United States. Elaine decided to join her family business after carving out a successful career in the corporate world.

Most recently, she successfully completed an Executive Leadership Development Program at the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Elaine, who is the eldest daughter of our late Chairman, Mr Steven Lek, was recently appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for the Singapore Operations in addition to her current role as Head of Global Brand Team & Corporate Development.

Leona Lek

Head, Global Sales & Product Development
Luzerne Pte Ltd

Leona Lek supervises international sales operations in the Asia Pacific (excluding China), North America and the Middle East. Her responsibilites include developing the sale of Luzerne brands to the F&B and hospitality industries and launching market-driven new products. These have allowed her to bring perspectives and insights gleaned from over 10 years working in telecommunications infrastructure sales with a Singapore-based branch of a major MNC to her work. Leona graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in Business studies.

Jonathan Lek

General Manager
Luzerne (Fujian) Group Co., Ltd

In 2019, Jonathan Lek reorganised his UK portfolio and takes on the role of General Manager, Luzerne (Fujian) Group Co, Ltd.

He is now based in Dehua, China, where he undergoes a comprehensive traineeship in the Luzerne-owned factory on production, implementation of quality control system and production cost analysis.

Jonathan believes that immersive training and learning the ropes of the business as a third generation member of the team is paramount to brand success. He will be entering the new landscape with his excellent financial and business acumen.

A past life as an investment banker in New York and Singapore has given Jonathan an excellent grasp of business and financial management in both local and international contexts. He has a business degree from Michigan Business School.