Collection Spotlight

MOD Collection Wins Coveted iF DESIGN AWARD 2024


When stone meets ceramic, it’s love at first sight.

Raw Essence

Inspired by a minimalist mood board where home gardening and organic food are part of everyday life, MOD introduces the reassuring weight and natural texture of stone into cupped hands.

Natural Sheen

Coated in a special glaze by our artisans, MOD puts on a lovely sheen that’s so gentle on the eyes while bursting with personality. Either as a single piece or an ensemble, MOD sets the tone effortlessly.

Industrial Chic

Available in the alluring colours of Smoky Basil, Smoky Plum and Dusted White, this collection brings out the deconstructed side of stoneware, adding a feel of industrial chic to dining tables.

iF Design Award Winner 2024

MOD’s design is a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and functionality, inspired by the beauty of nature. With minimalist yet ergonomic features, it offers both visual appeal and practicality. The use of sustainable materials and a unique glazing process make each piece distinctive.