Luzerne Wall 3 Tile

Singapore, October 2nd, 2023 – Luzerne, the esteemed homegrown tableware brand, is thrilled to announce a significant partnership with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), a founding member of the University of The Arts Singapore (UAS) for the unveiling of “Journey through Origins and Beyond.” This captivating art installation reimagines heritage and endurance, inviting visitors and potential patrons to explore the rich legacy of Luzerne.

The wall’s design, characterised by bold lines and fluid motions, visually represents Luzerne’s journey through time. At its core stands a series of mini “Workmen” symbolising craftsmanship and teamwork – values integral to Luzerne’s identity.

luzerne Wall Description

The heroes of this brilliant feature wall design of “Journey through Origins and Beyond” are the students from NAFA Talent Development Programme Lee Shu Ting, Lee Xin Yi, Nasrin Poon Binte Hashim, and Sharon Bebygael Tandipayung, showcasing their remarkable talent and creativity. This creates a space honouring the past as it confidently strides into the future. It stands as a visual testament to Luzerne’s enduring legacy, commitment to excellence, and profound appreciation for the communities it serves.